We are gearing up for new classes. Listed below are the classes we are planning now. We need a minimum of four people to sign up in order to have the class. The maximum we will have in a class is 8 to 10 depending on the class.

How Classes Work:
Classes start between 8 and 8:30 am and we sew until you are tired. Bring a sack lunch and plan on having lots of fun. We meet once a week every week until you are finished with the project. For example, the Stack & Whack class starting Wednesday August 13th will meet for the second session of the class Wednesday August 20th. The third session will be Wednesday August 27th and we will continue meeting every Wednesday until your project is finished.

Classes cost $40. This cost does not include fabric or the use of our machines. If you want to use one of our machines, there is an additional charge of $10. Or you can bring your own. We strongly encourage you to support our shop and buy the fabric for each class here

Upcoming Classes:

Walk About: Sept. 1 and 8
$40 class fee

Stack-and-Wack: Starting Sept. 10 and Sept.19
Two classes for four consecutive Thursdays and Saturdays
$50 class fee

Purse Class: 
Select from three patterns and create your own purse
$20 class fee

Color Wash Heart: Sept. 12 one day class
$30 class fee includes most supplies

Candy Ribbon: Starting Sept. 15 for four consecutive Tuesdays
$50 class fee

Hearts in the Cabin: Sept. 18, Sept. 25, Oct. 2 and Oct. 9
$50 class fee

Unfinished Objects Day: 2nd Tuesday of every month
Bring your UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and use our machine, table and irons with our staff assisting you. Call to reserve your spot.
$10 per session

You Pick: 
Pick 2 friends, pick a quilt pattern, pick the fabric and the date and we will teach the pattern to you. Cost depends on the pattern and how many days it takes to complete.

*Stack & Whack requires precutting of fabric that must be done with Donna on an individual basis before the class starts. The charge is $10.

**For our upcoming color wash class, we will be creating the heart design. The pattern requires 272 2″ squares. You can bring your own 2” squares for the class or use some of our large collection of 2” squares. We will trade around colors as needed.  As a part of your class fee for the wall hanging class, we will provide the 2” fusible grid you need for the project.

Sign up and Questions:

If you wish to sign up or if you have a question about any of our upcoming classes, you can call us at 816-369-2425, email us at or stop in and sign up in person.

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